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Our training philosophy is to train per the IPC policy and procedures and then go beyond that to assist you and your workforce to properly apply the spec on the floor. Most training companies just try to hurry through the spec, get the piece of paper and not take full advantage of how a good understanding of how to apply the spec actually increases the workforce productivity and thereby increasing profits. Less scrap, more efficient procedures and knowledgeable workforce leads to a lean profitable organization. In these competitive times this is what we in the USA need to be striving for. We also provide ongoing support for your operation after the training, by being available for onsite or email/telephone support with your IPC related questions and even audits that require or incorporate the IPC spec. We are your partner, your "outsource IPC Certified Trainer" without the overhead of an onsite employee. Give us a call (919) 710-9904 or email, so we can work on your custom IPC Solder Solution.

Our unique onsite solder training solutions allow your workers to learn and perfect the techniques in the environment where they will be performing these tasks.  We are available to assist with the initial phase of setting up the correct solution for your specific requirements and after the training to make sure those techniques are implemented correctly and new employees get access to the same training. When the training identifies additional equipment needed we will assist you in locating the correct solution of soldering equipment and supplies.  Additional site visits and follow up helps keep the workforce focused on correct and efficient soldering and circuit board assembly.IPC 610 Training

J-STD-001 Certified IPC Training

Instructor and Specialist Certification and Re-Certification NOW AVAILABLE

Certification in the process of soldering electronic assemblies.  The solder training certification is the most popular as far as contracts go especially military contracts.  A little more technical and does require hands on soldering of components to circuit boards and terminals.  The hands on portion can be accomplished in a classroom environment or on the actual production floor.  The advantage of using your existing equipment is it allows the students to learn how to accomplish the task using what is available to them. SMT, PTH and wires to terminals as well as proper inspection techniques are covered.

IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Training

Instructor and Specialist Certification and Re-Certification NOW AVAILABLE

REVISION E COURSE MATERIALS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! The industry standard program for quality assurance/visual acceptance of electronic assemblies based on the world's most widely used electronics assembly acceptability standard. Certification is for the accept/reject of electronic assemblies.  This solder training certification is popular on most contracts and the class has no hands on soldering as it is written from IPC.  We cover the inspection criteria for through hole and SMT circuit board soldering and assemble as well as soldering wires to terminals.  Several companies that have needed this certification as a contractual requirement have added a day or two of on the production floor time for the instructor to help the students apply the criteria correctly and fine tune their soldering skills.  The full certification covers soldering and soldered PTH, SMT and wires to terminal inspection techniques.

IPC/WHMA-A-620 Certified IPC Training

The industry standard program for requirements and acceptance of cable and wire harness assemblies.

IPC-7711 and IPC 7721

Instructor and Specialist Certification and Re-Certification NOW AVAILABLE

Certification is for rework and repair of circuit boards.  This solder training class assumes the students know how to solder components on and emphasizes the removal processes.  This class is equipment and hands on intensive.  We cover PTH and SMT installation and removals as well as board and trace repair techniques. Custom designed classes and combinations of the relevant portions of the above classes is available once we define what your workers need the most.  All these classes are modular so we can pick and choose the modules that work. INCLUDES LEAD FREE. The industry standard program is for IPC J-STD-001 Solder Trainingrework, repair and modification of electronic assemblies. It includes hands-on training.

Custom Combination SMT and PTH Solder rework: This solder training class covers the SMT and PTH portions of the IPC 7711/7721 class and results in a certificate of completion (not IPC Certification).  This four day class covers common to advanced hand soldering rework techniques, including but not limited to axial and radial leaded and DIP installation and removals, wires to circuit boards, boards to boards, SMT components from 1206 down to 0603 and smaller if needed, SOIC, SOT, fine pitch QFP and PLCC packages both installation and removal.  The basics of the soldering process is covered in a lecture form discussing proper wetting, flux application, intermetallic bonding and solder alloy differences as well as proper board handling and ESD prevention methods.  This class can be customized to include the most popular components the students would encounter in their day to day activities.  Soldering wires and components to terminals can be included with additional time.

BGA Rework: This three day solder training class covers installation of BGA/CSP and other leadless devices including thermal profiling, component alignment and troubleshooting the process.  This class is based on the IPC 7095 BGA/CSP document and includes a copy of this standard for your organization to keep for further reference.  This class is not machine specific so it can be adapted to existing rework equipment if needed.

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